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baking dumbbell

Short Description:

Made in the China
product name : separation blade paint dumbbell
Material : cast iron
Product Code : YLY – Flat
weight : 5 kg – 120 kg , 2.5 kg increase
Color : Gray Or Customized

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product feature

1. Professional paint baking process. Dumbbells are non-toxic and tasteless.
2. Weight can be customized. Can make 100 kg single.
3. The stopper will not loosen after tightening. Even if it falls, they won’t come loose.
4. Non – slip grip handle, roll embossing of lathe, Sweaty in the palms will not slip.
5. Durable, Violent falls will not be a problem.

Block paint dumbbellBlock paint dumbbell

methods of practice

1. Choose the right weight before you practice dumbbells.
2. The purpose of the exercise is to build muscle, It is best to choose a dumbbell with a load of  65% and 85%. For example, If you can lift a load of 10 kilograms at a time, The dumbbell that should choose weight to be 6.5 kg – 8.5 kg undertakes exercise. Practice for 58 sets a day, Each set of 6 – 12 reps, do not move too fast, each set was separated by 2 – 3 minutes. The load is too large or too small, the interval is too long or too short, It doesn’t work very well.
3. The purpose of the exercise is to lose fat, It is recommended to practice 15 – 25 reps or more per set. The interval of each group should be 1-2 minutes. If you think this exercise is boring. You can practice with your favorite music, or do dumbbell aerobics to music.

Block paint dumbbellBlock paint dumbbell

Block paint dumbbell


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